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Organizational structure
  Director: The center has one director. The director is appointed by the president of the university and serves a term of three years. Current and past directors are allowed to serve multiple terms if appointed.
  Vice Director: The center has two vice directors, both are elected by the director.
  Executive Committee: The members of the executive committee are nominated by the director and approved by the president. There are currently five members on the executive committee, one of whom is the director.
  Advisory Committee: This committee provides the research center with professional advice regarding the management of the center and the quality of its research. There are currently nine members. The dean of the College of Humanities, the dean of College of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, and the chairman on the Board of Education are part of this committee. Other members are nominated by the committee and approved by the president.
  Administrative staff: The administrative staff is responsible for administration, general affairs, accounting, and promotion.
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