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Mission Statement
The university’s “Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences” serves to improve the quality of teaching and research in the field of humanities and social science, to promote cooperation and dialogue between domestic and international research, and to encourage innovative thinking regarding the nation’s social development. The center was created in the September of 2007 and is currently encouraging faculty participation in a variety of research projects the center has undertaken. In the future, the center will serve as an important resource to the university’s liberal arts program’s academic research.

Although liberal arts program only plays a small role in the academics of Tsing Hua University, it is a program with a tradition of excellence. The liberal arts program boasts of the top scholars from their respective fields—many who are internationally recognized and honored. The short-term goal of the center is to utilize the legacy established by these distinguished scholars to create research programs. These programs will aim to encourage younger scholars to engage in research, to facilitate a steady expansion of research aboard, and to inspire a generation of scholars to continue leading those younger than them to make a greater impact on all fields of academic studies at home and abroad. The center’s long-term goal is to cooperate with the entire university to develop blueprint to make Tsing Hua University an international first-rate college and to develop Tsing Hua University’s liberal arts program as the focus of international academic leadership which will in turn positively impact the community.
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